Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

1. Use technology to connect with home/business service professionals. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), avoiding exposure to the virus (which is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person) is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and discuss project details as much as possible. 

2. Sanitize according to CDC guidelines.

The CDC offers cleaning guidance specific to protecting against COVID-19. If a service provider is coming to work on your home or place of business, be sure you’re following this guide to sanitize before, during, and after their visit. In particular, be sure to clean and disinfect the work area. Also, be sure to disinfect frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, faucet handles, and every surface that has been touched. 

3. Maintain the recommended 6-foot separation.

 Never invite a service provider into your home if you’re feeling ill or have been sick. The CDC recommends keeping a distance of 6 feet from others and avoiding gatherings to minimize the spread of COVID-19. So, be sure to keep a safe distance from the service provider working inside your home. If you have been diagnosed with or exposed to the virus — or if your contractor has been diagnosed or exposed — it’s important to discontinue in-person interaction for the period recommended by the CDC.

4. Communicate with the service providers.

Let service providers know about the precautions you’re taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your home and business. Ask that they take precautions as well. You might ask the professionals to carry their own cleaning supplies, towels, and hand sanitizer. You might also request that they remove their shoes and wear protective gear like face coverings and gloves.
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